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DST RAC Fortitue


Rockford Alumnae Chapter

Executive Board



President: Tiffani Weatherly

Vice President:  Felicia Reed 

Treasurer:  Tia Morehead

Assistant Treasurer: Karen Portis

Financial Secretary:  Charo Chaney 

Assistant Financial Secretary: Eurslyn Hines

Recording Secretary: Nacolia Stallings

Assistant Recording Secretary: Stacey Shorter

Chaplain:  LaVonna Jones

Sergeant-at-Arms: Luevinus Muhammad

Journalist: Open

Internal Audit Chair: Anne Edwards

Nominating Chair: Luevinus Muhammad  

Committee Chairs

Arts and Letters Co-Chairs: Felicia Reed and Crystal Washington

Courtesy Co-Chairs: LaVonna Jones and Sandra Glaspie

Delta Academy Co-Chairs: Karen Portis and Caprice Latimore

Delta D.E.A.R.S. Co-Chairs: Patricia Norman  and JoAnn Sanders

Economic Development Co-Chairs: Felicia Reed and Tia Morehead

EMBODI: Stacy Shorter

Emergency Response Team: Open

Founders Day Co-Chairs: Luevinus Muhammad and Jasmin Brown

Fundraising Co-Chairs: Tracy Ricks and Johnice Harvey

Heritage and Archives: LaFrancine McGee-Baker

International Awareness & Involvement Co-Chairs: Anntonisha Williams & LaVonna Jones

Membership: Tiffani Weatherly

Physical and Mental Health: Charo Chaney & Crystal Washington

Policies and Procedures: Karen Portis

Program Planning and Development: Tiffani Weatherly

Risk Management: Open

Ritual and Protocol: Luevinus Muhammad

Scholarship Co-Chairs: Charo Chaney and Sherrie Bias

Social Action: Anne Edwards

Technology Co-Chairs: Anne Edwards and Tia Morehead



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